My first task is to be a quick study for what’s true for you, your whole picture – the pieces you’re aware of and those that you aren’t. I do this by listening to you, asking you a lot of questions, many of which you have never been asked before, offering you self-assessments if they seem appropriate, and then listening to you some more.

Layered, direct approach

  • Warmth and candor: while making you accountable
  • Validation: this is hard work, you’re not a loser, nor alone in this issue
  • Genuine interest: in your life, in your success
  • Re-framing: a fresh look at what’s going on and a reminder that you always, always have options
  • Humor: stress is draining, humor lifts weight
  • Focus on practical results: what’s going to make the biggest different for you

20 years of experience with professionals like you

What I hear from clients over and over is that I combine wisdom and an “I get it” approach. I’ve learned and assimilated a wealth of experience from:

  • A broad array of coaching clients since 1995
  • 35-plus years as a high achieving professional in small business, corporate, and university contexts
  • My own work-life balance juggling act as a professional while being a very present parent, and 40 years of marriage

Are you ready to make changes?

Take the next step in your journey by setting up an exploratory meeting with me. You’ll know a lot more by the end of the session.

Sharon Teitelbaum

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