Executive Coaching

I work with senior executives and others on the leadership track, helping them become more effective in their roles.

If you are a senior executive or emerging leader, you may find that the skills and talents that got you into your current role are not enough to assure your success as your role evolves. Ongoing, rapid professional growth is required in most work environments these days. I can help you zero in on what intensive skill development can give you the most traction now.

The bullets to the right offer a look at some of the kinds of challenges you can address by working with me.

  • How can you more successfully manage people whose work is disappointing?
  • How can you refine your communications skills to more effectively address issues that require a nuanced and tactful approach?
  • How can you manage the emotions that arise from certain situations?
  • How can you be more “leaderly” with your team?
  • You often feel overwhelmed by your job.  How can you catch up and stay on top of your job?
  • How can you be better prepared for meetings with your superiors?
  • How can you run more efficient meetings?

As you become more confident in your skillset, you will be able to step more fully into your authentic power as a leader. By “power,” I don’t mean “power over” anyone, but rather the power inherent in your effectiveness.  My coaching process is described on a separate page.

Be sure to read the “Client Stories” and “Testimonials” pages as well.

Are you ready to make changes?

If any of what's described here resonates for you, give me a call. During our initial no-charge 30-minute consultation, you'll get a sense of what it's like to work with me and figure out if you want to hire me or not.

Sharon Teitelbaum

Email me or call me to schedule a time to discuss your situation:
sharon@stcoach.com 617-926-8393

Please give me several times you could be available for a 30-minute call, and please include your time zone.