Executive coach, career coach, performance coach, professional coach. If you’ve been researching whether you should hire a coach, you may be unsure as to what type of coaching you need.

Many overlaps exist among the various types of coaching available, so don’t feel you have to identify exactly which type fits you best. It’s my job to understand as quickly as possible what’s up for you, where you want to go, and what’s needed for you to get there.

While it helps clients to know what types of coaching I offer, my approach is to address your specific challenge or situation – which may not fit cleanly defined coaching “types” – and proceed from there.

Please use the following coaching descriptions as examples of how I can help you. Be sure to read the “Client Stories” and “Testimonials” pages as well.

Executive Coaching

I work with senior executive and others on the leadership track, helping you become more effective in your work.

If you are a senior executive or emerging leader, you may find that the skills and talents that got you into your current role are not enough to assure your success as your role evolves.  Ongoing, rapid professional growth is required in most work environments these days. I can help you zero in on what intensive skill development can give you the most traction now.

The bullets on the right offer a look at the kinds of challenges you can address by working with me.


  • How can you more successfully manage people whose work is disappointing?
  • How can you refine your communications skills to more effectively address issues that require a nuanced and tactful approach?
  • How can you manage the emotions that arise from certain situations?
  • How can you be more “leaderly” with your team?
  • You often feel overwhelmed by your job.  How can you catch up and stay on top of your job?
  • How can you be better prepared for meetings with my superiors?
  • How can you run more efficient meetings?

Career Coaching

The focus here is on your becoming more effective, fulfilled, and satisfied in your career.

Career coaching helps you identify what success on your own authentic terms means. Once you know this for yourself, you can craft a plan to get there and start moving it forward.

Here are examples of the kinds of questions you might choose to work on:

  • What are your learning edges and challenges?
  • Where are you dropping balls?
  • How can you make your operation leaner and more sustainable?
  • Where have you hit a plateau?
  • Where are you feeling malaise?
  • What new competencies do you need to enhance or develop?
  • How can you communicate more effectively with your team, your managers or your board?

Stress Management Coaching

Stress management is much more than finding ways to “manage your time” or “work stronger, not longer.”

Working together, we’ll develop strategies and tactics that work for you – and I’ll help you as you learn how and when to implement them. I can’t promise transformation, but some clients have told me that’s what they experienced.

  • You’re drowning in responsibilities at work and see no way out.
  • You’ve tried stress management techniques but have determined they’re not for you.
  • You need high-level strategies for making the right changes that will reduce your stress level.
  • You need to identify which of your own beliefs and behaviors are unnecessarily contributing to your stress and why.

Work-Life Balance Coaching

Work-life balance can be tricky to implement if you’ve been working at 90 mph for years – simply because you may not know how to work and live any other way.

Work-Life Balance coaching is also for people who want to make a course correction in order to make more time available for priorities outside of work: young children, teenage kids, a dying or very sick family member, obtaining a professional certification, planning a wedding, or finding a spouse.

  • You’re approaching burnout or are already burned out.
  • You have too many priorities – which is a lot like having no priorities.
  • You want to stop running and rushing, and find another way to work and live your life.

Life Coaching

What is this stage of your life asking of you? Life coaching supports you in answering this question, figuring out how you want to proceed, and then proceeding.

  • Needing help adjusting to your empty nest.
  • Wanting to explore future post-retirement interests but have no idea how to do so.
  • Feeling resentful because you have to do everything for the kids and household, along with your job, due to your spouse’s travel schedule.

These or other stage-of-life challenges can be addressed in coaching. Life coaching provides assistance in navigating these changes and the personal development “opportunities” that often accompany them.