I Work with Executive and Professional Women in Medicine, Academia, and the Corporate World
Who Want Guidance and Strategies For Succeeding in Higher-Level Roles

Whether you are:

  • An executive/manager
  • An academic/researcher/clinician or
  • Looking for career advancement

If you need support, guidance, or new skills to:

  • Work at a higher level
  • Navigate multiple, increasing demands or
  • Communicate more effectively

I can help.  My Fast-Forward Coaching Program will meet you where you are and provide what you need to move forward.

Let me introduce myselfAs a coach with decades of experience working with leaders and other professionals, I’ll “get” what’s up for you very quickly. All of our conversations, the many questions I will ask you, and the action steps you will take between sessions will help us get to the core of what’s going on for you, what you need and want now, and what your top priorities are.  We’ll work forward from there.

 My work as a coach or workshop leader has made a difference for people at these organizations:

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Complimentary Consultation

I invite you to contact me now to book a complimentary 30-minute consultation to discuss how working with me as your coach could lead you to new perspectives and great progress. Send me 3 dates/times when you could schedule a 30-minute confidential phone, Skype, or in-person (in Watertown, MA) meeting with me.  I'll get back to you ASAP.

Sharon Teitelbaum

Email me or call me to schedule a time to discuss your situation:
sharon@stcoach.com 617-926-8393

Please give me several times you could be available for a 30-minute call, and please include your time zone.