My first task is to be a quick study for what’s true for you, your whole picture – the pieces you’re aware of and those that you aren’t. I do this by listening to you, asking you a lot of questions, many of which you have never been asked before, offering you self-assessments if appropriate, and then listening to you some more. I am available to work with you as challenging situations arise and you need a sounding board or someone to help you expand your options, process the emotions that might arise, assess the actions you could take, and figure out what you want to do.

I am biased in favor of your taking action. I will often ask you what next steps come to mind. I want you to come out of every one of our coaching meetings with a clear set of next steps that you will take between then and the time of our next meeting. It is through action that change happens.  But not random action — intentional, thought-out action that aligns with your goals and values and moves you forward in the direction you want to go.

I will respect and appreciate you.  I will not judge you.

Layered, direct approach

  • Warmth and candor, while holding you accountable
  • Validation: What you’re struggling with is real, and it’s hard for many people.
  • Genuine interest: in your life, in your success
  • Re-framing: a fresh look at what’s going on and a reminder that you always, always have options
  • Humor: stress is draining, humor lifts weight
  • Focus on practical results: what’s going to make the biggest different for you

20 Years of Experience With Professionals Like You

What I hear from clients over and over is that I combine wisdom and an “I-get-it” approach. I’ve learned and assimilated a wealth of experience from:

  • A broad array of coaching clients since 1995
  • 35-plus years as a high achieving professional in small business, corporate, and university contexts
  • My own work-life balance juggling act as a professional while being a very present parent, and 36+ years of marriage

Are you ready to make changes?

Take the next step in your journey by setting up an exploratory meeting with me. You’ll know a lot more by the end of the session.

Sharon Teitelbaum

Email me or call me to schedule a time to discuss your situation: 617-926-8393

Please give me several times you could be available for a 30-minute call, and please include your time zone.