Smart, effective professionals have many reasons for hiring a coach. Often, they’re stuck or off-course but aren’t sure why. Or they’re starting something new and and want trained, seasoned help in their corner. Today’s work environments require that you already have the support, strategies, focus, and accountability necessary to efficiently manage multiple priorities and expanding roles.  My Fast Forward Coaching Process zeroes in on YOUR immediate and long term needs.

I created the Fast Forward framework after working with hundreds of hardworking, conscientious professionals: my clients.  I learned what  kinds of things tripped them up, and what kinds of things allowed them to leap (or inch) forward. I bring you the best of of my 20+ years of coaching experience.  Here is my framework, below, in a structured format.  My use of it with you will be based on what will make the biggest difference for you NOW. You may not need every component of the program. You may need to focus in one small area at this time.  You may not even be aware of the framework behind our work together, while we’re doing it. But it is there to support you in moving beyond your challenges and forward — into what you want for yourself.

Fast Forward Coaching Process

My Fast Forward Coaching Process includes the following elements:

  1. Getting to the Core
    What’s going on for you? What’s challenging you? What do you want? Where do you need to grow? Where’s the opportunity for you? What do you want to learn?
  2. Strategic Thinking, Planning, Doing
    Identifying internal and external goals and tasks. Drafting a game plan.  Prioritizing.  Taking action.  Accountability.
  3. Effective Communication Skills
    Spoken language. Written language.  How to say what needs to be said, using neutral language that keeps the focus on the work, not the individuals. Finding the language to deliver a message that is not emotionally charged.  Nuanced, authentic expression.
  4. Managing your Energy and Focus
    Strengthen your boundaries. Manage your Inner Critic and Inner Perfectionist.  Take responsibility for your reactivity and emotional nosedives.
  5. Managing Yourself to Success
    Leverage Steps 1-4 in real time. Understand how these issues appear when they surface in your real life, and having strategies to address them.  Ongoing support: where can you get it?


Fast Forward Workshops

I can lead a Fast Forward workshop or keynote at your organization or conference that addresses the particular elements of my system that speak to your immediate interests.  Contact me to discuss the challenges you are seeing and how I can help.

What can the Fast Forward Process reveal and address?

Your skills need updating

  • Things have heated up in your field, and the pace at work has increased enormously.
  • You have a new job or role. You need to be working at a higher level and you want some help getting there and leaving behind some of your not-so-great work habits.
  • You need to become a more effective and authentic communicator with your team, your managers, senior leadership, your board, or your family.
  • You want to find ways to motivate and manage people who are very different from you.
  • You need to become a much more effective delegator.

You’re holding yourself back in some way

  • You’re still playing small.
  • You’re all work and no play, either because you don’t know how to shut down your work-mind or because you think working all the time is a path to success.
  • You sometimes express emotions in ways that don’t serve you.

High stress levels are impeding your success and well-being

  • You’ve tried some stress management techniques that didn’t do much for you and concluded that nothing will make a difference for you.
  • You’re hostage to your Inner Perfectionist and need to learn which situations require your A+ performance and which situations do not.

You’ve run into new situations and aren’t navigating them well

  • You’ve run into “difficult people” and are dissatisfied with how you’ve handled situations with them.
  • You’re in great demand at work, to the extent that you aren’t getting your own work done, but you don’t know when or who you can say no or how to say it in a way that won’t burn bridges.

Your self-concept is out of date

  • You’re scrimping and saving as if you were still in survival mode.
  • In some ways you still behave like a junior member of the team, when in fact you should be leading.

You need stronger boundaries

  • You continually say “yes” to things that aren’t a priority, leading to overwork and stress.
  • You allow others to treat you badly and don’t know how to be appropriately assertive.
  • Email, phone, and other interruptions have taken over and you lack time to nourish and replenish yourself.


Sound familiar?

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