Getting Unstuck Without Coming Unglued by Sharon Teitelbaum
Published by Wonder Works Publishing, 2005.
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Learn How to Get Unstuck and Become More Effective in Your Work and Life

Dear Busy Professional Who May Be Running on Empty,

You’re pulled in a hundred different directions and scrambling as fast as you can. You may be deeply unsatisfied with the feeling of rushing through every experience. No one around you is completely happy with the results — least of all, you.

Yet you already know that simply slowing down is not the answer. Stop running and all the pressures that push you to run around will crash back in on you with a zillion and one demands. You already know you want to be more successful in your career and in the rest of your life, but you’re not sure how to make that happen.

You need insights on how to step aside from the dynamics that are limiting you, and your relationships, and how to proceed with your life in a healthier but still effective fashion.

That’s where my book Getting Unstuck and I come in.

I’m executive and career coach Sharon Teitelbaum. My clients have been so successful at removing themselves from their racing treadmill and their old, stuck ways that they asked me to write down my approach so they’d have something to share with friends, colleagues and family members who wondered, How did you finally learn to handle it all and do so well with everything?

My paperback book, Getting Unstuck Without Coming Unglued, provides solid, proven techniques and strategies for recovering perspective, restoring balance, having the time and energy to truly enjoy what’s most important to you, and to be more successful in the arenas you most care about.

Here are some of the valuable insights, exercises, tools and mindset changes the book teaches you:

  • The importance of coming up with an empowering, rather than a discouraging, interpretation of what’s going on, and the movement that occurs when you transform paralysis into possibility.
  • Why reflecting on the way you think an answer should look might turn up workable changes that are right in front of you.
  • When the wind changes, and your circumstances are different from what they were previously, you have three and only three options for dealing with your new situation. Learn what they are.
  • How to assess the tradeoffs you’re currently making and consider making different trade-offs.

“I wish I’d had this insightful and heartening book on my bedside table for the last twenty years! Reading it is like cleaning out your closets. The more aware you become of the places you are stuck (procrastinating, tolerating, settling) the more pure relief and joy you will feel knowing that getting unstuck is just a chapter away!”

— Beth Fredericks, Community, Families & Work Program, Women’s Studies Research Center, Brandeis University, and author of The Parent’s Guide to Family Friendly Child Care.
  • Procrastination sometimes serves a purpose. Discover how to tell when there’s wisdom and not merely delay in putting off decisions or actions.
  • A way to generate more physical energy within days – without drugs, medication, exercising or any other kind of alteration in your body.
  • Are you suffering from black-or-white thinking? Learn how to envision a whole new course of action by considering the ground between extremes.
  • Pacing yourself: Avoid burnout by paying as much attention to down as up, to stop as go.
  • Why giving and getting must be in balance in your life, along with seven things to do if you’re not receiving enough and seven things to do if you’re not giving enough.

“Sharon has written the first truly innovative book that gives you the tools and techniques to make the changes that you have been contemplating for so long. With wisdom and clarity, she presents a unique coaching process that you will be able to put to use immediately – recommended for home, work and play.”

— Gail Liebhaber, former Director of Career Services, Harvard Divinity School, and career development practitioner in the Boston area.
  • Remember to look for feedback from the real world each time you make a change, and know what to do if there appears to be no such feedback.
  • How and why to honor what you’re longing to do – so that you end up with the happy life you deserve.
  • A way to reframe challenges so that you welcome rather than dread them.
  • When you feel “in over your head,” how to put that “fraud syndrome” feeling in its proper context.
  • The very, very surprising key to enjoying your work life more.
  • Eight questions that help you identify your priorities and intentions – which may be quite different from what you’ve been thinking they are.
  • When everyone around you is frantic and harried, how to have energy to spare.
  • Specific tips on avoiding becoming a slave to your email inbox.

“Sharon Teitelbaum has written a book that will become your own personal life-coach guide. Getting Unstuck Without Coming Unglued is like a visit form your most enthusiastic supporter, a savvy pathfinder who is willing to stick around until you see your life from a new perspective and are ready to take the first step in changing your life. This book will give you a pat on the shoulder and a firm shove in the right direction. . . like a visit from your most enthusiastic supporter.”

— Linda Weltner, former Boston Globe columnist.
  • Six secrets for transitioning gracefully – and never in a straight line – into a new career.
  • Redesign your job! Why full-time is not the only viable job option, even if that’s all you see around you.
  • Cut worry down to size. Four steps to break the hold that worry has had on your mood and your effectiveness.
  • Understanding your progress: Know the importance of taking stock and how to do it.
  • Say no once and forever to holiday depletion! Get through the holidays with less stress than anyone you know.

If you’ve never worked with a personal or business coach, it’s important to realize that coaches like me go much deeper than providing “rah-rah” encouragement. Likewise, Getting Unstuck is far more valuable than being in the audience of a motivational speaker. You‘ll learn to view yourself differently, you’ll understand the magic of do-able baby steps, and you’ll discover many more options than you knew you had.

Is This Book for You?

If you’ve read this far, the answer is: probably yes. And change that to definitely yes if you fit any of these profiles:

  • You’ve achieved more than the folks you went to school with, but you look around from your mid-career summit wondering “What’s next?”
  • You’re slaving away in your dream job without the passion and sense of reward you used to have.
  • You’re coasting at high speed without any motivation to get to another destination.
  • Your significant other and children complain that you don’t spend quality time with them – but there’s nothing you can cut back on at work and already there’s no time just for you.

There’s no need for a nervous breakdown or for a formal year-long sabbatical to reshape your daily life and direction and to recover your mental, emotional and physical well-being. Getting Unstuck Without Coming Unglued gives you changes in perspective, fresh ways of understanding your tradeoffs, strategies you’d never thought of, and constructive ways of attacking your top challenges.

“Getting Unstuck’s guiding principles are for people sensing that they need to change their priorities and are not sure where to start. Each chapter provides some subtle indicators (summarized at the end as ‘coaching tips’) to help sort through your mental landscape and navigate your resources to find a balanced life. Frequent short narratives of similar transitions lend backbone to a subject that often overwhelms its seekers.”

— Jill Dobriner, reviewing the book for Children’s Hospital Boston’s newsletter for the Office of Faculty Development.

Getting Unstuck

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“… terrific! Helpful, wise, clever, even profound.”

— Rabbi Lawrence Kushner, author of Invisible Lines of Connection

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P.S. Work-life balance is feasible, not pie in the sky! Disentangling the ways in which you are procrastinating, tolerating or settling gives you energy and direction. If you’re tempted to order, know that this simple step could be the turning point in your search for a saner life.