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What readers have said about the Strategies for Change newsletter:

“I loved your article, “Recovering from Falls,” and particularly the paragraph about guitar chords – it spoke to me so strongly – I want to tape it to my palms.”

“I look forward each month to receiving your newsletter — there is always a suggestion that keeps me on the right path of all our work together. This month’s ‘Guard Your Down-Time’ article is perfect for the holiday crush of invitations, tasks and obligations (hmmm, remember to re-evaluate what is really obligatory!)”

“Thank god some newsletter writers can write. Thank you for this article.”

“Outstanding piece, Sharon!  I love the way you connected generations and gave voice to the ‘great privilege of feeling safe’.

“Spot on! I know this is a big issue for me.”

“I receive a variety of monthly emails from coaches and yours is head and shoulders above the rest. I always get the feeling that it is personal, timely, and written in the ‘now,’ not something you bring up from your files for our monthly reading.”

“I especially found the list of articles under Tips for Success very valuable. I’ve copied several. Sort of gentle ways to hit myself up side my head.

“Another well written article that skillfully weaves wisdom with personal experience…I hope you will write more about the blessing of ‘ordinary days’.”

“Thank you very much for the informative, motivating and life-changing article. I look forward to receiving many more. Reading it gave me a ray of hope and a spirit of confidence.”

“I loved the inner office article.  It’s compelling, well-written and a nice synthesis of psychological concepts and coping strategies.”