I don’t think I’ve enjoyed my job this much in the 10 years I’ve been here. It’s also not dominating all my time and energy, which I appreciate too. Thank you for the insight and support you provided which helped me get to this place.”

— AN, Engineer

“I’ve gotten what I need at this point, from our coaching relationship, and am ready to own this next phase.  I learned a lot as you exposed me to new ways of thinking,  evaluating what I offer, and how I look at what is available to me, professionally.  Thank you.  It was a most beneficial arrangement and I am grateful that we connected and were able to work together to mutual satisfaction.”

— WR, Marketing Director

“This feels like a transformation — I was struggling for strategies for how to help myself and now I have those strategies.  You were incredibly helpful in showing me more positive and strong perspectives from which to make my decisions and find solutions to problems.  You’ve been so helpful as an impartial and refreshingly sane voice in my head.”

— BH, University Registrar

Our last conversation felt like a breakthrough for me. I’ve finally realized what it could feel like to get my head above water and see a bigger picture. It’s not accidental that the epiphany has come at a time when I’ve had quiet time to think / create. So to make even more progress I’m working at home AGAIN today to finish off the performance appraisals. And there’s not the slightest bit of guilt either!”

— PC, Corporate VP

“I realize that I’m ridiculously lucky to have recognized that I needed a new direction as well as recognized it early enough in my life so that I could turn things around. Starting law school in my 50s was no piece of cake but it was still early enough that I was able to swing it.  I was also very lucky to have met you and wanted to credit your skilled help in getting me to this place. It was a long, hard road to getting where I am today, but I am awaiting my start date at [my new job], feeling very secure in my motivations for going there.  It is not about prestige, money, or any other distractors (although the money is fine and I am proud to be going there) but about finding my place in the world where I can do the most good with what I have.”

— MS, Attorney

You have transformed me (or helped me transform myself) into an all round international expert and I feel the last 6 months have been a real breakthrough.”

— YS, Neuroscience Researcher

“Here’s what I find exceptional about you. You support me to trust my own instincts. You bring them to the foreground and separate them from all the “noise” of my own self-doubt. You build my own capability to know and to act, and you do it with such good humor and true caring.”

— Marianne Connor, Screen Writer

“Thank you for all your guidance, support and encouragement throughout the yearI had a terrific year and am more confident and focused thanks to having you by my side

— BC, Vice President, Fortune 1000 Company

“I feel that our work together has truly helped me to encapsulate my brand and improve the way I present that to others. The right support and guidance from you has, in my opinion, definitely moved things along for me in this promotion process and I thank you for everything.”

— LE, Project Manager

“I went to Sharon seeking a new direction for my business. Having a nebulous goal, I presented her with a jumble of abstract ideas. She grounded those ideas in actionable steps allowing me to advance with small victories. Over the course of a few months the victories grew. Sharon consistently integrated new ways of looking at problems, helped me modify my thinking, and in some cases brought in distinct revenue for my business. She is adept at stating her case with lucid examples often drawing on personal experience.
“I would further emphasize the value of between-meeting support that Sharon provided me. Often with a lengthy email, Sharon consulted on several topics that came up before we had time to talk in person. If you’re wondering what your next steps are, Sharon is a superb thought partner. I encourage anyone looking for effective ways to advance a professional career or business to contact Sharon.”

— Chuck Bordman, Founder of Kingbird Content

“Before I spoke with Sharon I spent most of my day keeping my head down and trudging through. Trudging through the guilt that I was a working mother, trudging through a job that doesn’t really fit me, trudging through till I could retire. After a short time with Sharon, I have a new perspective. I feel like I have a bird’s eye view of my options and can think clearly about the priorities in my life. I do have the power to reorder my life and I’m on the path to finding the life that suits me and my values. Thank you Sharon for reinvigorating me.”

— RSR, Law Professor

“I am absolutely loving the new job and life in [my new city]; it feels like a great weight has been lifted.  I greatly appreciate you coaching me through the transition.  You advice has helped me stay focused on my research and say no to new commitments, which has helped me create the space I need to feel sane and take better care of myself.  I am 10 literal pounds and 100 figurative pounds lighter!”

— LL, MD

You really are the QUEEN on boundary setting and I am sooooooooo glad I have you as a resource. If you never learned this as a kid or young adult from normal functioning parents, it is hard to get it.”

— ML, Business Strategy Consultant

“I worked with Sharon to get a long project on track that I was afraid I wouldn’t finish. She helped me focus on what I was doing right over my tendency to berate myself for the complexity of the task I had taken on (to finish a book amidst full-time work and single parenting). Sharon helped me see what skills I had to make solid progress, and this made it possible for me to make better decisions about my time without the drag of my own negativity or anxiety. I learned to take better care of myself in all aspects of my life, whether that was setting limits on time to work or stopping work to cook a simple homemade meal. I know more about how I work well and what’s important to me. Working with Sharon I learned to see my life more holistically, putting family, career and self-care together in ways that really reflect my priorities for my life right now. I still juggle, but I’ve made active choices about what I’m juggling, which has lead to a much more satisfying process for living.”

— VA, Writer and University Administrator

“Sharon is a big part of the success that I feel. It helps so much to recognize what I want and what I bring, in a strong confident way (not defensive, urgent, or arrogant) and working with Sharon is how I got there.

— LMJ, Corporate Senior Manager

“All these events that unfolded in the past 6 months, including getting a new job, still seem like a dream to me. I never thought I could move on this fast and my life could take such a dramatic positive turn. It was even more unthinkable that it was a total stranger, i.e. you, who walked me through this most difficult part of my life so far. No words can express my gratitude for your patience and efforts and the enormous mental support which you provided. I stumbled upon the world of coaching over the radio while on my way home on one of those miserable days and it changed my life. I am glad that I made that first move of contacting you and I am glad it was you who I contacted.”

— T.T, Senior Industrial Scientist, Asia

“You have been incredibly helpful. The sessions with you have gotten me to make some changes that have been so important. You are a very good match for me. I felt immediately like we were in step, working hard together. I so appreciate how you can listen and follow and stay on task at the same time. I am so grateful to know I can give you a holler at any point.”

— OJ, Pediatrician

“I came to Sharon for help with a desire to change career and to move to a new community – a big agenda. I have found her to be a wonderful, thoughtful listener. She has offered a multitude of creative, doable ideas, has helped me explore my goals and priorities and supported my discovery process as I have proceeded. She has been flexible and responsive, generous with her support, and available at key moments like “right after the job interview.” I have found our work enormously helpful, and highly recommend her.”

— DJ, Psychologist

“You’ve given me so many ideas! You opened my eyes!

— NH, Financial Analyst

“It’s been so helpful working with you! I feel about 1000% better.”

— MS, Business Analyst

“Sharon offers intelligent and thoughtful guidance backed by years of experience.  She encourages people to creatively test their limits in safe and intelligent ways to produce satisfying results. ”

— MS, Financial Advisor

“I really benefitted from our meetings, your advice, information and guidance. Maybe I would have gotten here without your help but it would have been significantly more messy and stressful. And I would not have learned as much about myself as I did.”

— TM, Architect

“Thank you for being a wonderful support and resource for me as I’ve been going through this challenging transitional period over the last few years. It has meant a great deal.”

— RM, Civil Engineer

“Thank you for a the great session last week. It was so great to hear your perspective on my situation at work. It also felt great to get started working with you again. I feel like a great weight has been lifted off my shoulders because I’m finally starting to move forward to tackle some of these issues more directly.

— MA, Clinical Researcher and Medical School Faculty

“Thank you again for being so supportive and encouraging. It makes such a difference to address challenges with guidance and resources! I don’t think the challenges are going to get any easier as I move ahead, but I feel better equipped than ever before to “stay in condition” and will become used to handling things with assurance. What a concept!

— AM, Marketing Director

“Already very successful in my field, I yearned to try new things. But I was afraid to leave my comfy niche. My success had become a set of golden handcuffs! In just two months, Sharon taught me practical strategies for working through those feelings so I could explore new directions in my business with confidence.”

— SS, Entrepreneur

“What was useful in working with you includes: Your very gentle but firm, supportive manner. Your non-judgmental attitude!! Your staying with me at my level, being a broken record when necessary. Your pointing out ‘windows’ when the ‘doors’ were locked.

— SM, New York

“Sharon was an amazing ally in my effort to discover what was most motivating to me in my career and to restore balance to my over-scheduled life. I had never tried coaching before and was amazed by how easily we developed a rapport and how quickly Sharon helped me sort out complex issues. She asked the hard questions and then helped me find the answers. It only took a few months to see real results — a new outside interest and an intriguing opportunity for a promotion. When the journey took unexpected twists and turns, Sharon offered valuable support and insight. I came away from every session with new ideas and insights.”

— KS, Senior Manager

“I am firmly convinced that having a good coach (you) was an important factor in taking the steps to make a bigger life change. Although I still struggle with balance issues (too much work, not enough stress management), I know the “big picture” is much more aligned with my values. I don’t have that nagging feeling that I’m not living where I’d really like to be. It’s so beautiful here, most weekends when I see the Adirondacks from our west windows, I can’t quite believe it!

— L C, civil engineer

“Her results-oriented approach helped me to carry through on things. She asked the right set of questions.”