Fast Forward Workshops

I can lead a workshop or deliver a keynote for your organization or conference on topics pertaining to productivity, self-management, time and stress management, work-life balance, as well as specialized topics.  What are the particular needs and interests of your people?  Contact me to discuss the challenges you are seeing and how I can help.

 Here are some of my topics:

Expand Your Delegation Skills

Five Classic Obstacles to Career Success and How to Move Beyond Them

Approaching Retirement: Legacy Planning and Your Next Chapter

Time Management

Stress Management

Avoiding Burnout: 5 Practices For Work-Life Balance

Here’s what past participants in my workshops have had to say about them:

  • “Sharon worked very effectively with a room of high level, high powered female executives but still had everyone laughing at the commonality of our struggle to find time to exercise. In the same session she was able to get women to work through some of their most nagging energy drains and actually demonstrated her coaching skills by working with one woman while the group observed. These are women who are not easily impressed and they unanimously rated her workshop with the highest available rating.” Marianne Delpo Kulow, Director, Women’s Leadership Institute, Associate Professor of Law, Bentley University
  • “Sharon really connected with our group of lively and interactive attorneys.  Her presentation focused on real-world situations and offered practical advice that can be put to use immediately.  Sharon skillfully facilitated an engaging group discussion using examples and humor to illustrate key learning points.”  Mike Prokop, Chair, Career Management and Transition Committee, New Jersey Corporate Counsel Association
  • “Sharon’s message resonated strongly with the IGAF Worldwide Women’s Leadership Group.  From the moment her presentation began, Sharon was engaging and full of great insights and takeaways to help our professionals improve their productivity and more effectively set personal boundaries.  She is a gem and we’d be thrilled to host her again, anytime!” Debra Helwig, Women’s Leadership Liaison and Marketing Manager, IGAF Worldwide
  • “Sharon took the time to understand her audience ahead of time and was able to tailor her comments to our lives. This great fit of material to audience kept me engaged and assured that I took away ideas I could really use.”   Rebecca Maron, Executive Director, Society for Vascular Surgery
  • “Sharon’s keynote for the Project Managers Institute (PMI) was a big hit with our chapter members, whose comments included, ‘Outstanding program, great ideas, presenter was terrific, excellent examples, clever approaches, very knowledgeable, take-aways that will really help me, well-paced, entertaining and motivating, lively and engaging!’ I highly recommend her for any audience of professionals.”  Rob Massoud, Project Managers Institute, RI Chapter
  • “Loved her calming, but stay-on-task presence.Participant
  • “Thought the interactivity was a great way to gain insight and appreciation into ourselves and others.”  Participant